Religious and Spiritual Preferences

Religious Preference: Them: _____ You ______

I was raised Catholic and that typically means  various levels of residual emotional baggage. I once dated a Jewish man and realized how far apart we were when it came to our overal life decisions. This was still during my 20’s and I had to consider the family issues. Since I couldn’t have kids and he was adamant he was going to have a family of his own. The only obvious choice was for me to end the relationship so he could have the family lifestyle he preferred.

Spiritual: Them: Yes ___ No ___

This is a critical distinction I have found most people outside of California don’t understand. Being religious is not the same as being Spiritual. Someone who is religious goes to church and/or prays. They believe in a higher power.

Someone who is Spiritual believes in the human characteristic of cause and effect, especially involving the human spirit. It also involves believing in a higher consciousness and being personally responsible for ones own destiny.