Long Term Relationships

Desires Long Liaison: Them: Yes ___ No ___

This is where you can save yourself a major amount of grief! Are you seriously looking for a long-term committed relationship that will lead to living together or marriage?

There is a major point of contention between these two idealist goals.

First, if you have sworn off being married, don’t coerce your partner into living together when you know they won’t feel complete until you’re married. Each of you has a valid point. It is not fair to assume the other must change their perspective. It is no different getting married to someone who has an absolute resolve against having children and you marrying them believing that you can change their mind at a later date.

These issues are too important to believe that time will change their mind and they will eventually see it your way because they love you!

Hold on to your beliefs! Don’t cave in the name of love! If either one of you gives in, you will assuredly rebel within five years and by that time, you’ve missed out on the perfect person who believed just like you. They probably went off and married someone who believed as your spouse! It’s too crazy!