Love Making

Enjoys Love-Making: Them: Yes ___ No ___

There are many opinions surrounding intimacy and I’ve come to believe that this is a “make it” or “break it” aspect of a relationship. There are some people who are not sexual, sensual or capable of true intimacy. Is it because they’ve never had a partner that led them to their natural sexuality? Are they not aware that sexuality is as fundamental to a satisfying relationship as communicating?

This is not aimed at women. There are as many sex-starved women as there are frustrated men. There are great lovers and plain horrid lovers. Some believe that once entrenched in the relationship, once a week is ample, others range from once a day to once a year. How close can you be to someone you’re only intimate with once a year? But, if you both believe that’s the point of a New Year’s celebration, so be it!

One woman confided that she was so adverse to sex that she made her husband take a shower before she would allow him to be intimate with her. Can you imagine the message that conveyed to him? She also dreaded Friday nights because that was the designated night. Maybe a little spontaneity would have helped both of them.