Making Love

I’ve had several male friends who got married because the sex was so great with their girlfriends. Those marriages lasted less than three years. What happens outside of the bedroom is a much bigger percentage of the marriage. It isn’t the end-all, but it is vastly important that you’re both on the samewavelength. True intimacy will get a couple through the major challenges relationships are bound to experience.

The old standard of thinking about men and women being so different in their level of passion and desires is fortunately a thing of the past.

Men and women have as much passion as the other; the difference is that most women are dependent on their partner to inspire them to a level of passion. In my mother’s generation, the majority of women believed it was their marital obligation to perform occasionally for their husbands. Many women grew accustomed to using the favors as leverage to obtain control over their husband.

Thank goodness I came into this world during an era where men and women could accept equality in sexuality. That’s right, could, not necessary do they, but they are missing out big time when they don’t!

I believe it can be attributed to an era when  men would rather spend thier leisure time with the guys. They were “entitled” to their Friday night out while the Mrs. stayed at home with the children.

The point is that when we create vast separations between the sexes, we’ll never achieve the magnitude of fulfillment in our intimate relationship that is possible. If your mate isn’t your best friend, you need an attitude adjustment concerning why you’re in your relationship. How did that attitude ever last this long?


Love Making

Enjoys Love-Making: Them: Yes ___ No ___

There are many opinions surrounding intimacy and I’ve come to believe that this is a “make it” or “break it” aspect of a relationship. There are some people who are not sexual, sensual or capable of true intimacy. Is it because they’ve never had a partner that led them to their natural sexuality? Are they not aware that sexuality is as fundamental to a satisfying relationship as communicating?

This is not aimed at women. There are as many sex-starved women as there are frustrated men. There are great lovers and plain horrid lovers. Some believe that once entrenched in the relationship, once a week is ample, others range from once a day to once a year. How close can you be to someone you’re only intimate with once a year? But, if you both believe that’s the point of a New Year’s celebration, so be it!

One woman confided that she was so adverse to sex that she made her husband take a shower before she would allow him to be intimate with her. Can you imagine the message that conveyed to him? She also dreaded Friday nights because that was the designated night. Maybe a little spontaneity would have helped both of them.