Aware How Others Think:  Them: Yes __ No __

Have you ever seen someone step right up and talk within two inches of another person’s face? When they back away, they boldly move with them. I can’t imagine why there are individuals who are never cognizant of others around them.

When I was a teenager, I was invited to spend the weekend in San Francisco with the wealthiest family in the area. I told my mother that I was frightened that I would do something wrong. I didn’t know which forks to use for what, or which would be expected of me throughout the weekend.

The most amazing thing was that she knew what to do. She advised me to watch and see what others did and then follow their lead. This one rule has saved me from embarrassing myself numerous occasions. I’ve dined at embassies, with movies stars and some of the wealthiest people in my community.

The point is, be aware of what others think and do. You will save yourself a monumental level of embarrassment. Just because your friends or family don’t possess finesse, doesn’t mean that you have to follow in their footsteps.