Sun Sign: Them: Yes ___ No ___What’s your sign? Does it matter to you? It does to me. I don’t judge casual acquaintances by their sun sign, but I have found that specific sun or rising signs are better matches for my personality. I am a triple Scorpio. Now that’s intense! Another Scorpio or the opposite side of the Zodiac is an Aires (six months away). I don’t need to explain my thought process to another Scorpio, they understand without an explanation. And an Aires is like a counter balance to my intensity. There are baby souls, new souls, young soulds, mature souls and old souls. Each soul level denotes an individual level of coping with why life has to offer.

There are Enneagrams, Card of Destiny and scores of other resources meant to delve into an explanation as to why we are the way we are.

Whether any of the resources has any validity is in the eye of the beholder. If you believe, it will have merit, if not, obviously it won’t.

What I have learned to appreciate is that with each and every technique, the common denominator is that we can use the information to better understand those around us and not feel as though how they are has any reflection on which we are.


I was about 27 when I had my first Astrology Chart done. I was fascinated by the information I was given. The Astrologist had never met me before. I was positive he couldn’t have found out about me since I never even gave him my phone number.

Then the next time I had my chart done was about five years later. Darn if the charts weren’t nearly the same. What had changed was the focus of the results.

It was about the time I was single, again. I wanted to know more about who might be more compatible with me being a triple Scorpio. Turns out other Scorpio’s are my most compatible Astrological Signs. Then the mirror (six months away) Taurus. What I lack a Taurus has in abundance. A Taurus is a perfect counterbalance to the intensity of my Scorpio personality.

Then I had another chart done when I was about to enter into another relationship and he happened to be a Virgo. It should have been a disastrous relationship according to the results of the charts. But quite the contrary!

This relationship was the best I had ever had. He was the most kind and support as well as understanding of my quirks compared to anyone I had ever known, including my family.

But the greatest reason to have charts done was to have a better understanding of each other going into the relationship. I didn’t have to freak out when he did something I didn’t understand. It was clear why each of did and thought what we did. It’s great information to have.

Astrology Chart